We have seen in the movies where the intelligence agencies save countries from peril. To portray such a picture from a broader perspective is not wrong. But to let people believe that certain agencies are special and the others are not is wrong. The specialty of being an agent is that no one will know about your mission unless the agent got double spied on by another agent. They are the people relentlessly working hard to get the right information for the country. In the newspaper, movies, radio we all know about the espionage of MI5, CIA, ISI, RAW etc. But it will be interesting to note that we don’t know much about the Chinese intelligence agency. They are the hidden lions for decades and has maintained themselves low profile, I believe this is the definition of true intelligence. Have we ever asked the question how they function? Probably not! Who cares? They don’t come on movies radios or on television.

For long the international agencies have overlooked the Chinese espionage’s for which the US is paying billions of dollars annually. But the most interesting part is they don’t have a fancy name, they clearly hide under the banner of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China and Central Military Commissions. Both of these departments are answerable to the president of China directly, Chinese Intelligence has different segments from foreign to national departments for espionage and information gatherings. Chinese intelligence mainly gathers information for maintaining state power and international policy goals. Their intelligence service mainly focuses on industrial espionage mainly to gather information to bolster their economy.

They also have widespread interest abroad especially in the west to maintain the Chinese influence in the region. The FBI director Christopher Wray has posed concerned regarding Chinese intelligence and has warned the US intelligence officials that China’s global ambition to become the world superpower, in an unconventional way can be a threat for the US. When Senator Marko Rubio asked a question if China wants to overtake the US? His answer was “They’re doing it in a very smart way. They’re doing it in a very effective way. They are also looking beyond their own region”. According to Trend Micro, a software company in California has blamed “Lucky Cat” the Chinese hacker was involved in a cyber-espionage targeting Japan, India, and Tibet. After the investigating the command and control system by the Trend Micro informed that a person name Gu Kaiyun was responsible for many hacking’s overseas. Later it was found that Gu Kaiyun was writing a Master’s thesis on cyber hacking’s in Sichuan on University of Chengdu.  China has also attacked on Finish soils, through Internet of thing which is called (IOT) computers prior to to get the insight of 2018 United States-Russia summit in Helsinki. These information’s are mind-boggling if we try to understand how advanced these Chinese espionage has become.

The Belgian Justice Minister Jo Vanduerzen has also accused the Chinese government of spying against the Belgian government. They were suspecting that this attack took place just to get hold on to all the information regarding NATO and the European Union. The USA and Europe have accused China to send students for studies and then they spy on important locations around the country. There have been several allegations of Chinese students from Europe and America that their students were passing important information’s. One of the blatant allegations made by Washington was that the Capella Hotel where Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump had the meeting was bugged. Moreover the Chinese have also set up people from the waiters to officials of the hotel to observe the detailing of the meeting and eavesdrop on important conversations. The Americans were somehow vigilant during the meeting, the report says that they have taken all the appropriate measures to counter Chinese espionage. Moreover, it is not possible at the moment to deter Chinese spies in the United States. There are more than 1 million Chinese students in the country contributing billions of dollars to the economy. During the school year 2015-16 there were 329,000 Chinese students got admission in the US. Now practically this is not possible for them to deter Chinese espionage at the moment. However, the US can increase their surveillance on all the students currently staying in the country. it is not possible anyway to get Chinese agents just by surveillance, because while they will be on the mission it is most likely the agents will prepare themselves likewise. The US is probably the biggest victim of Chinese espionage till today and has been harmed in many ways regarding the industrial and military secrets. An American citizen Dongfan Chung was suspected to pass secret information regarding the Delta 5 rocket, F-15 Eagle, B-52 STratofortress and other hardware military information to China. Now the Americans after underestimating the Chinese intelligence for so long are taking appropriate measures to safeguard their secret information. Even the Russians the strongest ally of China were victimized by the Chinese intelligence. Igor Reshetin were sentenced to prison for passing dual-purpose technology to the Chinese, which immensely contributed to Chinese space program and military rocket system. From research and analysis, it was found that the Chinese have attacked mostly in US, Germany, Norway, Sweden, UK, New Zealand, Australia etc. It is not too hard to envisage that if they can penetrate these secured systems, they can have access to everything all over the world. Luckily Chinese espionage was not found to commit murders or creating other notorious activities. It seems that the Chinese government is hungry to develop their nation by any means. Their agency is strictly based on for economic purpose and to acquire secret information. The American researcher has confirmed that most of the people linked with espionage were not very experienced. The Chinese influence will be unimaginable when these agents will be experienced and will conduct tougher missions.

Yead Mahmood is a geopolitical analyst and lawyer


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